Everyday Impact Consulting builds meaningful relationships to create social good and offers a full range of consulting services tailored to the unique needs of our nonprofit, governmental, philanthropic, and corporate partners.


Our clients, and the communities they serve, are diverse and at Everyday Impact Consulting, we believe that creating solutions with diverse communities is an important component to fulfilling our firm’s mission. We’ve learned that diversity is the playground for creative problem-solving and when differing, even conflicting, points of view are critically analyzed, we can identify and develop new solutions that transcend what was previously believed to be possible.


Authenticity is an important aspect of our work and we are committed to staying true to our clients by making data-driven decisions and staying informed about key issues affecting our clients.


We pride ourselves in producing high-quality deliverables. And we ensure that our clients are satisfied with the outcomes we produce and, more importantly, through our work, we strive to create lasting impact for our clients.


We are committed to creating meaningful impact for our clients by building authentic relationships. We seek to understand our client’s mission, values, and strategic direction in order to develop customized solutions to meet their desired outcomes.