Expanding Our Impact

Sometimes clients and friends will ask me how I came up with the name of our firm – Everyday Impact Consulting.  While I’d love to say that I had some brilliant epiphany one day and the name came to me during some spark of genius, the reality is that I came up with our firm name at my kitchen table just over five years ago.

The words have meant different things to me over time.  In the first few years, the words “Everyday” resounded.  As a small business owner, I needed to work hustle – every. day.  I worked hard, kept our operations costs razor thin, and put everything I had into everything I did to make a true impact wherever I could.

Things have changed, slightly, as our firm has evolved.  My kitchen table work space has been replaced with an office.  And my team has tripled in full-time staff (from one to three).  Now, the word impact resonates as we near our sixth year of operations. I am amazed by the impact the team has been able to make working in partnership with ourfantastic clients.

Going into this year, we are expanding our impact.  I am excited to announce that Everyday Impact will be growing the reach of our services, specifically in the San Joaquin Valley.  We are opening an office in Fresno and our expansion will be led by our newly hired Senior Consultant, MaiKa Yang.  I am very excited to have MaiKa join our EIC team.  We first met years ago as Executive Directors for community-based non-profit organizations, each serving immigrant and refugee populations.  I am thrilled to work alongside her in her role as Senior Consultant as she leads our expansion into the San Joaquin Valley.  MaiKa is a seasoned advocate and has over twenty years of experience in community-building, policy, communications, and project management.  Please join me in welcoming her to the EIC team!

We also have a fresh look and have updated our website.  Check us out at www.everydayimpactconsulting.com.  We will be posting an EIC blog every quarter so check back often to learn more about our impact.

And just this month, we created impact in partnership with a team of non-profit partners from throughout California who facilitated the Multi-Year Language Access and Resources (MYLAR) training series led by Sherrie Calibo, EIC’s Program Consultant and our lead partner, My Sister’s House.  Over the last ten-months, the MYLAR team facilitated the MYLAR training in twelve different cities, training over 400 victim service advocates.  Stay tuned for the upcoming MYLAR training media which is currently in development.

And lastly, thank you, as always, to our clients and partners.  We are humbled and honored to go on this journey of community and movement-building alongside each of you.  We thank you for your partnership and will also be committed to doing our very best – everyday.

In the coming months, through our website and on social media you will learn more about the ways that we will continue to live out our mission and create lasting impact for our clients and the communities they seek to serve through re-imagining systems and developing innovative strategies to break through barriers.